I am a big believer in testing. Trying to get pieces out, put elements together as quickly as possible to get feedback.

Here designing and sketching. Video and board game playing. New lands discovering and football (soccer) kicking.


A compiled list of links to some of my current, past and future ideas and endeavors.

Gifts to the world :
Figure It Out ( FIO )
Rangi Tatu (revamp in progress)
+ Creating icons at Noun Project

Word on the street :
Curriculum vitae
Press clippings
Svbtle blogging

Current adventure(s) :
Banana Bamama
+ Lead Designer at Greatest Good

Past adventure(s) :
+ Co-founder at Eagle Wolf Orca
Futbol Spots

Handwriting legibility :

Constructive criticism & feedback :
Always welcoming

Workaholic rating :

Willingness to grab a drink with you :

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