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Personal endeavor

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Co-creator & designer

Duration :

2011 - Present

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Today, teams of people are working across multiple timezones more than ever. Figuring out the various times poses issues from scheduling meetings to cold calling friends and relatives. All the while current time zone sites and apps are not visually appealing.


Create a time zone site that allows for people to quickly see times in locations of their choosing, with high visual appeal.


Ideation & conceptual mockup

Marc (a close friend - a number of time zones away) and I kicked off the idea, and after a couple Skype sessions we began iterating and circulated medium fidelity concepts back and forth in constant cycles over a three to four week period. Once we settled on a concept we liked, I went ahead with designing the screens and a basic user flow. Once those were completed we brought a developer into the fold to build a proof of concept that we used as a testing platform to gather feedback.

Redesign & redevelopment

After all the vital feedback was gathered, Marc and I decided to redirect the product into becoming a Chrome Extension with future Google app possibilities such as Hangouts, etc, or even an Android or native iOS app. Once again I hit the drawing board modifying the initial designs, taking into account user feedback and new design patterns that had been previously overlooked.

Screens & end product

Below is a gif created from the live application. It shows time moving across a couple of locations. If you want to take the Chrome extension for a spin, feel free to visit Figure it Out.

Users :

≈ 20,000+

Chrome store :

4/5 stars

Avg session length :

≈ 20 min

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