Futbol Spots

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Personal endeavor

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June 2014

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- offline for now -


With the World Cup (2014) quickly approaching, Jacob and I figured it would be nice to put together a minimal web app that helps people find where the games are being shown around them. Go to the website, pick a game and voila! We surface a couple bars / restaurants / etc that will have the game on screen that you can duck into on your lunch break.


Length: Two and a half weeks.

Ideation, design & build

Jacob and I dove straight into thinking of quick solutions and landed on leveraging Foursquare data and their open APIs. Once we were set with understanding the limitations we got down to designing the site. Once this was done, Vineet (a good friend of Jacob) came round to help us code up the back and front end of the project.

End product

The project had a very quick turn around as we were targeting the beginning of the World Cup, however if the project gains sufficient traction we can easily replicate it for any soccer/football competition.

Trophy icon by Iain Hector from the Noun Project.