Greatest Good

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Client (Pro Bono)

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Lead Designer

Duration :

Sept. 2014 - Aug. 2016

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Project shutdown

What is it?

Greatest Good is a platform where people donate their time to raise money for causes they care about.

Search for a top industry advisor on the platform that you would like to hang out with, book some time with them, have a 1-on-1 video chat session, and all the proceeds go to a charity of the advisor's choice.


After a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise money around an exciting new donation platform, the team at Greatest Good built a beta version of their product to gather some traction. With a proven concept, they wanted to update the look and feel of the platform, which is where I came in.

I have had the great pleasure of working with such a fantastic group of talented and uber-cool people. Shout out to the Greatest Good team Saneel Radia, Alon Bonder, Katrina Wei, Cam Crews, Steve Peck, Kelly Bignell Asedo, Jess Stowe, and David Kenyon.

Redesign plan

My plan was not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I really liked where Steve had taken the branding and the bold colors so I wanted to try and preserve most of what he had put into Greatest Good from that perspective.

With this direction decided upon, I went about reviewing all the pages on both mobile and desktop and seeing where the shortcomings were. After this, I sat down with Steve and we walked - again - through the site with me pointing out key areas of focus as well as him giving insight into certain design choices that were made. Kelly directed me to the UX flows she had created so I knew how everything fit together.

Redesign plan (cont'd)

Once I felt sufficiently happy with my understanding, I felt I could start thinking about the redesign in more detail, testing certain ideas, and finally designing a new and enhanced experience for Greatest Good.


Ideation, design & build

Research & inspiration

My initial task, that I set for myself, was to review the designs of as many charity and non-profit sites as I could, while also looking for inspiration from other sources.

Understanding their layout and color choices, looking for what similarities existed across the board and what differentiating factors each had. Following this I branched out to look at professional profile pages, lists of people, and different payment styles.

Sketching & ideation

Feeling quite confident I decided to hit the sketch pad and started drawing out different components that would be the differentiating factor for Greatest Good.

Design & feedback

Next, I started fleshing out some of the sketches in Photoshop, to see how they would look on both mobile and desktop. I ranked the pages in terms of complexity, and started tacking them, top to bottom, as many of the elements created on the more complex pages would trickle down to the other pages, speeding up the process.

I held weekly stand ups with Steve where I would present the latest design work so we could chart our progress all while helping to spot anything I may have overlooked or under-thought, prior to presenting them to the rest of the team for further review.

I managed to rope in a really good friend of mine, David Kenyon, to create some detailed portraits for the About Us page.

Lastly, a small badge selection needed to be designed as we had wanted to add some basic gamification around the Advisors, so I spent some time creating the necessary assets well as extra illustrations needed to complement items around the site.

Development & gap filling

For bringing these designs to life, I worked with a development team based in Ukraine. I had had the pleasure of working with them in the past on Figure It Out (FIO). They built out a live library of the various components which they would later use to construct the pages, so each component could be reviewed as a stand alone piece before coming together.

As the project progressed, Steve suggested that a good addition - since we will have a good selection of Advisors - would be a blog. We would interview and feature the Advisors, so a new feature was to put together the styling for a minimal blog.

End product & metrics

The Greatest Good website has been shuttered on December 16th 2018.

I have instead surfaced below a sort of ‘before & after’ set of images to give you a view of how the product has changed from its original beta version, as well as how its new look is handled across devices.