Barclays SPECS


Digital client portal for the Investment branch of Barclays in New York.
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Figure It Out

Personal endeavor: Ongoing

Today, teams of people are working across multiple timezones more than ever. Figuring out the various times poses issues from scheduling meetings to cold calling friends and relatives.

Futbol Spots

Experiment: 2014

A minimal web app that helped people find where the 2014 World Cup games were being shown around them. Go to the website, pick a game and voila!

Greatest Good

Pro Bono: 2014–2016

A platform where people donate their time to raise money for causes they care about. Hang out with top industry advisors where all the proceeds go to the charity of their choice.

PayPal Merchant Services


Digital tools for small and medium sized businesses.

Rangi Bora

Experiment: 2018–2019

A no frills web app to enable the quick discovery of harmonious color combinations that are WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.



Asynchronous video messaging platform to connect clinicians to specialists who have the answers.

Udacity Learning Experience


Rebuilding the digital classroom.


Why not take a look-see and discover - hopefully some cool stuff, or at the least something new? The hashtag is used for dramatic effect.